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Released - at last

Sayre finally gave me the full duty release. Chief still doesn't have an assignment for me, but the first thing I did, was go for a good, long walk. I hit up all my favorite places in China town and even Times Square, I was gone most of the day. I didn't get any PINs all day, and so I just kept going. It felt great. I was exhausted at the end of the day, but I also picked up a few things to send to my parents with my next letter. I'm waiting for Dad to send his reply back first, but from the sound of things, he's making progress in the diplomatic realm of things, and the Japanese forces are feeling it. I've been copying the relevant information over to The Chief, as agreed.

Also, some interesting developments are happening in China. I've been watching the news from there closely, because I know there are certain parties apart from myself with interests in the area, and it seems like things are starting to head a different direction. I picked up a newspaper in Chinatown. Even if the news is a bit old, it's still interesting. It gives me some direction to point my questions when The Chief doesn't send me any.

Mom seems to be writing shorter, and shorter letters though. My parents are definitely aware that it's more than mere curiosity that's driving many of my letters recently, but I get a nagging feeling that my Mother may suspect that my espionage is for someone besides my former employer. They knew I was in the Bureau, but beyond that, my duties were a mystery to them. I never told them I left, how would I even explain the circumstances without revealing everything?

I adore my parents, and I'm only too glad for them, but some days, having them makes my job that much more difficult.

Slow recovery.

Sayre says I have a little longer to go before he releases me for full duty again. I have the option for light duty, which means spending time with Mann if he needs the help. He's very capable with his job, so that's like saying The Chief could use a sidekick. Not happening.

It does mean I can walk around more though. Took a stroll through Little Italy the other day (the better parts, anyways). Finally restocked some groceries and spent the rest of the day reading some of the books the Old Tiger sent. I swear they're all that's keeping me from losing my sanity, besides the occasional visit from Harry. He claims that he's making the rounds to keep Cliff and I well-behaved. It's definitely a duty he's been given, but I have a hunch it's not the whole story.

I've been a bit remiss on checking up on things here as of late. Now that I have the option of helping out here and there, I'll see if I can't make myself useful again.

I swear I've had more time off since I left the Bureau.

Unexpected Message

Someone sent me a message. It was slipped by my door. I have no idea where it came from, but I intend to find out who sent it at least. I've accepted the invitation, hopefully The Chief, or the Old Tiger, don't have to get involved. They've done enough for me already.



Under cover

The Shadow was unimpressed by Myra’s hesitation when he asked the question; she could see that clearly by the sharpness in his eyes.

“My Japanese? It’s acceptable. I have a poor accent, but I can follow most conversations.” Poor accent, in FBI terms, meant that she couldn’t pass as a local even if she was speaking to someone unfamiliar with the language.

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Resolution to a standing issue

Marquette finally got his job done. The official who has been trying to cause trouble for the Chief and myself is out of his position and in custody of the law. The Chief and Vic have hammered together a pretty airtight case, so I'd like to see those fancy lawyers try to weasel their way out of this. He's been accused of treason, among other things, and while anyone under him might still be trouble, I've been told a list of names is in the right hands, and they won't be allowed the chance for retribution.

The Chief seemed pleased, to use the term loosely, as he notified me that I'll be put into service again soon. If one of his plans goes according to plan, he'll have use for Ming.

I'll admit, it feels good to be back home for a bit.


Tea on the go - RP

Myra has the water boiling; her tea kettle from home has been brought to the secondary apartment, as have a couple teacakes. She's preparing the leaves from one that is particularly strong, but has yet to let them brew. It only takes a couple minutes and she doesn't want it to get bitter before the Old Tiger has a chance to drink it. Next to the teacakes is a simple thermos that has been recently purchased, it looks large enough to hold about 6 cups.

Good news or Bad news?

Chief says that he found the information he wanted and has given it to Marquette with the request to act as quickly as the waist-deep-waters of bureaucratic paperwork will allow...or at least he said that in not quite so many words.

Sounds like something is coming down the pipe. I have no idea what, but he wants the heat off me faster than the progress Marquette has been making (which, from what he said, wasn't slow, but there's enough cover ups to put Boss Tweed to shame.)

He's made a lot of progress from what the news overseas is sending. Having something to compare it to is allowing me to see some of what he is doing, and well...calling it BIG would certainly be one of the greatest understatements I think I'll ever make in my life.

Old Tiger has me gearing up to catch any rats that try to get out of the burning barns. Cops are going to get a good tip-off and hopefully they can catch most of the guys off guard, but it's possible enough might slip by to keep things going. I'm hoping I can help make a difference there. I've picked my location and we'll see what goes down, and when.


The Old Tiger's World

I'm listed as vacationing back home. The Chief said he'd keep an eye on the activity in my apartment, it would give him the chance to collect some more information on the people who keep trying to wire it.

Was watching the Television today in the secondary apartment. There's currently a hijacking going on overseas. The plane is massive, and there literally are hundreds of hostages. I plan to call up Harry and hopefully we can meet to discuss current international relations. It's important information if I'm going to be doing more work for the Old Tiger. I don't even know of there's anything we can do.

In....other news I finally figured out how to use the microwave. At least it's a step in the right direction in what feels like a persistent battle against the electronics of this age.

So far nothing has happened in the city outside of the normal. For the most part, the police seem to have a handle on things, and there haven't been any reports of unusual activity, or much new activity within the drug rings. Burbank and the Old Tiger are maintaining communications. Since nothing's been sent my way, my job has been pretty minimal so far. I'd prefer it to stay that way. Action is all well and dandy, but peace is preferable.