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myra_reldon's Journal

The Private account of Myra Reldon

Myra Reldon
13 April
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Name: Reldon, Myra
Age: 28
Occupation: Spy (US Government)
Specialization: Chinese (culture, language, underworld)
Time: 1934
Location: Earth, United States, anywhere from San Francisco to New York City
Hair: Dark brown, dyed black at the roots
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 5 feet, 1 inch (1.55 meters)
Alternate Identity:
1) Ming Dwan, a well-established, ruthless criminal that runs only in the most dangerous rings of the Chinese underworld, most often those in the ghettos of major cities
2) Helen Menz, a small-town girl who has arrived in New York City (time: 1986, a world ahead of Myra's) in order to try and make her way into business. She's a bit more conservatively dressed for the times, but she's still in style.
Combat: Hand-to-hand (level: classified); Walther PPK .380 (certified sharpshooter, concealed)
Extra Curricular Activities: Tea connoisseur and agent of The Shadow

Notes: Few to no details were given about Myra Reldon's past before her first appearance in The Shadow pulps, so the author of this journal has fabricated a history of the character. Myra's past is non-canon.