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[100 prompts - Spirit]

Fandom: The Shadow
Characters: Myra Reldon/Helen Menz
Word Count: 301
Rating: G
Summary: Myra makes a visit to her alternate’s grave.
Author's Notes: Just a little something. I never really went into detail about it, but learning about her alternate’s death did have some impact on Myra.

Myra walked between the headstones in the brightening dawn. She was dressed in muted colors, but kept aware of her surroundings. Technically the cemetery wasn’t open yet, and she didn’t want any trouble from the keepers, or the possibility of being recognized, even though she was disguised as Menz.

She couldn’t say why she felt driven to visit the cemetery, The Old Tiger would not approve but she wanted to do this. In her hand was a small bundle of wildflowers she’d picked on her way over. After a few minutes of threading through headstones she finally saw the row she was looking for. Tracing the line of small markers, she saw a small, weather-beaten American flag flapping sadly over a dirt-covered marker. Myra glanced around before kneeling down and brushing it clear, and staring at her own name.

“Looks like you haven’t seen a friendly face in a while, but you’re a hard one to find, even now. What do you think?” She gives a nervous wave at her own face and then fiddles with the wildflowers. “I’ll look into getting you a new flag, it’d be a lot better than the weeds I brought.” She gave a small laugh, brushing at the marker some more and picking the dirt out of the recessed letters. “You know, I think you were probably the last person he took on a date, and he can’t even make sure the headstone gets cleaned occasionally. But that’s him, isn’t it? He wouldn’t be himself if he fussed over something like this.” She gives a weary sigh. “Well, anyways, I wouldn’t want to get us in trouble, so…” She sets the flowers down on the marker and then claps her hands together, closing her eyes and praying for a moment before standing silently, and slipping off between the stones.


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Nov. 17th, 2009 10:38 pm (UTC)
((Ohhh... Terribly sad, and lovely. I imagine he does his best to attend the funerals, to see that every agent gets a proper burial. He's really not the type to go visiting the gravestones later though. Once they're dead, he just has to move on.
He wouldn't approve, but it might make him think a little.))
Nov. 17th, 2009 11:39 pm (UTC)
((That was my thought on the passing of agents. I never really thought of The Shadow as one to spend time visiting graves.
Myra won't be back there often, she knows better than to make it a habit, but she's far more emotionally driven, and is bound to return.))
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